Users can't figure them out

Maybe they won't kill kittens, but they aren't doing your customers any favors.

Your objective in marketing is to make it as easy as possible for users to discover, understand, and acquire your product or service. The easier the better, right? So why are companies still using QR codes instead of displaying a simple web address?

  1. QR codes require a separate app to be installed (not included on most phones)
  2. QR codes cannot be easily or safely scanned while driving, or while riding the bus
  3. QR codes are not easy to remember (or write down) like a simple web address

... or use them

There are silly scenarios like QR codes on the backs of busses, which do not make sense. Such a thing would sooner cause an accident than lead to a real customer. It's easier (and safer) to simply provide a web URL, which a driver or pedestrian can memorize.

There are better ways to embrace "social". QR codes are not it. Let's carefully look at a technology before adopting it, and whether it's truly better or not.


Created by Jason Terhorst